Sacha designed me a logo!

For a long time, I’ve been a fan of Sacha’s logo. It’s simple, instantly recognizable and it’s privacy friendly as I’m not a big fan of showing my face online. And, I’ve been meaning for quite sometime to improve my online presence/persona where you’d be able to recognize who I’m on Github, Stackoverflow or even Meteor forums.

I had initally thought about commissioning a graphic designer to design the logo and provide him with some inspiration like Sacha’s logo and a couple other. But then I thought why not go to the source directly? So, I decided to send him a cold email but I didn’t place much hope that he’d respond. I used the email provided at his website. And he actually did respond!

The email went like this:

Hello Sacha,

I really like your Github logo and was wondering if you can design me one?

I really like it because of its artistic nature with the added benefit of not showing your face online which is something I really appreciate.

Why haven't I chosen someone else to do it you may ask? A logo by you carries a sentimental value due to the fact it's designed by you, Sacha, the ex-meteor developer.

A logo with my initials HA would be best, like this one or that. But of course you have the artistic freedom.

Please let me know your price and I'm willing to wire a downpayment if you wish.


“the ex-meteor developer” how rude of me 😅

When you cold email people I think it’s super important to layout your request at the top of email. They don’t know you and they’re already wasting their time kind enough to consider/read your email. Then, I explain why I haven’t chosen someone else and how we can proceed further. And finally I discuss what I want in more detail and offer downpayment to prove my good intentions.

Needless to say, Sacha was super cool and was able to deliver a design almost immediately. He was also super patient with my requests. He even offered me to do some open source in case the payment was too much for me. Great guy!

I guess there’s not much to say but I felt this is something worth documenting, at least for me. Since getting a logo was something I had always wanted and Sacha being the author made it ten times cooler!